Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Part 2

Welcome my Saal-Digital photo book review part 2, part 1 can be found here.


I ordered the book on Saturday (20th August 16) after applying to a Facebook ad for a voucher for £40 in exchange for a review.

First Impressions

Well the book arrived today, 25th August 2016.

I was able to track it until it arrived in the country, it was sent from Germany, so for a book to be printed, put together, sent, and received in under a week I think is very good.

It arrived in a sturdy cardboard sleeve with the book sealed in a plastic bag, wrapped in a protective sleeve.

First thoughts of the book are very positive, there is a nice weight to it, and the front and rear covers are printed very nicely.

The printing is very clear, and the colours are nice and punchy, matching those on the screen.

Inside The Book

Opening the book reveals the construction of the pages.

They have a nice gloss finish and are one piece allowing images to spread over the two sides without losing any of the picture in the join. This works particularly well for the panoramas I included in my book.

The black and white images I used (the majority are black and white), have very nice blacks and very good contrast.

The printing in general is very clear with very few, if any signs of the printing process.

Some images do look a bit pixely even though the software said that they are good quality, this is noticeable in a panorama I made from a crop of a 8mp image.

As with the front cover, the colours are vibrant, and a good match to what I saw on the screen even though my monitor isn’t calibrated.


Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Part 2 Front cover
Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Part 2 Panoramas Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Rear Cover Colour spread Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Part 2 Colour print Saal-Digital Photo Book Review Part 2 Rear Cover

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some better pictures up soon.


Although I received a voucher for the photo book, the views are my own and hasn’t been swayed by Saal-Digital in any way.



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